Sunday, 1 February 2015

Understanding Sewer Backup in Your Home

Sewer backup into your home can be frustrating, expensive, and downright disgusting. Understanding the problem and knowing what to do if you experience sewer backup may help ease your irritation.

Signs of a Problem

If you’ve got a sewage block, it is likely that more than one plumbing fixture in your house will not be working properly. If toilets stop flushing correctly, tubs or showers won’t drain, or if your tub or shower fills with water when you flush your toilet, a clog is your likely culprit.

Possible Causes

There can be a multitude of causes for sewer backup in your home. Storms or flooding can cause sewers to become overloaded, thus pushing sewage back up into homes. Tree or plant roots can make their way into or around pipes and invade or crush them. Flushing napkins, diapers, or anything other than regular toilet paper can cause clogs as well since those items don’t break down like toilet tissue.

Find Help

Many homeowners reach for harsh chemicals to pour down the drain, thinking those may dissolve the clog. But toughcompounds can make the problem worse over time by possibly damaging pipes, and can even result in a costly repair if there is a bigger issue that goes unsolved.  A professional plumbing company can be the best course of action when you need help understanding what is going on with your pipes. Trained professionals know what to look for, and they typically can help you choose the best course of action to solve your problem.

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